Coplar Creek Standard Poodles
Orting, WA

Is the Standard Poodle right for you?

Size: Over 15 inches at the shoulder, 30-60 lbs on   
Coat:  Curly and requires frequent brushing and       
regular grooming, non-shedding, low allergy
Energy level: Moderate to high
Learning rate: Learns very quickly, eager to please
Colors: White, Black, Gray/Silver, Red, Apricot,   
Brown, Cream, Blue, Cafe'-au-lait, Parti etc.
Longevity: 12-14 years

Poodles are considered the second most intelligent
breed of dog.  Besides having beauty and brains the
Poodle is an amazingly versatile dog.  The Poodle's
clean, non-shedding coat makes him very attractive
as a house pet.  The Poodle has a noble carriage
that reflects boundless self-confidence and
When considering between the different sizes of
Poodles families with young children should choose
a Standard or Miniature Poodle that can keep up
with the boisterous play of their children.  Poodles
are quick learners and quite adept at figuring things
out for themselves.  Regular training is a positive
way for these smart dogs to expend their prodigious
mental energy.  
Poodles are considered active dogs that thrive on
physical activity and the human attention that goes
with it.  Standard Poodles would prefer a yard.  
References - "Our Best Friends THE POODLE" by Janice Biniok
About us:
Breeding Standard Poodles is not just a hobby but a passion for our family.  Our four wonderful children help with every aspect of breeding these lovely animals
and each of  them have 4-H experience in handling dogs for showmanship as well as obedience.  We have seen  AMAZING results from our litters being raised
with children - it just seems to make all the difference in the world producing well rounded and confident dogs.  We offer poodles in a variety of colors including
brown, black, red, apricot and silver but are careful to breed with proper color characteristics in mind.  For example, our goal is to only breed red/apricot to dogs
carrying red/apricot and breed for correct points (eye and nose color) as well as striving to keep a solid color program with no mismarks.  We keep a maximum
of 4 adults dogs in our program at this time and they all live in our home as our personal pets.  Poodles need proper socialization and should not be "kennel
dogs" or dogs live alone outside if they are to get limited human interaction.  Our goal is to breed a balanced and versatile poodle.  To us this means to strive to
honor set conformation guidelines while keeping to the origins of  the poodle  which is a hunting/water dog.  Do you know that a poodle like other water dogs
webbed feet?  A poodle should have proper structure to swim, hunt, herd, do agility and be your working dog companion as well as beloved pet.   We like a
solid built poodle with a nice full chest and one that is not too "ribby"  and we do not want a poodle that has a greyhound, whippet or Afgan appearance/build.  
We still have a lot to learn and much to achieve but it helps to know where you are headed.  I believe God has blessed our family with these amazing animals.  He
has also sent some extremely talented and professional breeders who have and continue to mentor us!   Those breeders have helped to lengthen our stride and
their knowledge and support has been priceless to us and to the integrity of the incredible poodle breed itself.  Many thanks to you!  

Therapy Poodles:
Studies have shown that a patients's blood pressure is lowered and the immune system strengthened when interacting with animals.  Pet therapy is a service that is
provided by people and their certified companion animals.  Animals can lift the spirits and in some cases eliminate or reduce the need for psychotropic drugs.  
Samantha (Standard Poodle) and Shiela (owner/handler) are certified as a Therapy Dog team.  Many of our adult pups are service and therapy dogs for their

Dog Activities:
Our children participate LOVE to participate in our local 4-H club with our dogs and have achieved many ribbons and titles in competition for showmanship and
obedience over the last few years.  We show our dogs in AKC, UKC and IABCA Conformation and have many titles in UKC and IABCA.  Our new favorite club is
UKC because our poodles show in the Gun dog group. It is the oldest club of the three and very competitive and fun.  Our very own "Buck" has achieved his UKC
SHR title and is set to get his Junior Hunt title in October 2013. Jake has achieved his AKC CGC title as well.  

Genetic Health Testing, COI, & Temperament:
Health is a big concern and we want to try and provide our puppy buyers with the healthiest puppies we can. That's why we do Genetic health testing on all our
breeding adults.  Please be aware that many breeders advertise that they do the health testing but they are referring to Vet visits and vaccines not the Genetic
Health Testing.  You do not want to purchase a puppy for less money and then end out spending much more on Veterinary bills for an unhealthy puppy.  Our
testing includes but is not exclusive to Vwd, OFA Hip and/or PennHip, OFA Eye CERF, NE, Sebbaceous Addentitis, OFA Thyroid, and a current and complete
Blood Panel checking for any signs of Addison's.  We are proud to offer a
4 year health guarantee with our pups. All of our breedings have a low
Coefficient of inbreeding. "COI" or "IC".
  That means that our breeding pairs are not in-bred, line bred or closely related.  We do Temperament Testing by
a qualified Evaluator on all our litters to try to match the puppy personality with your personality.  Consider us if you are looking for a Therapy/Service dog.  
Please let us know if you are looking for a Bird hunting partner. Some of our poodle pups come from working and hunting lines and we have Professional help in
evaluating retrieving skills and hunting temperament on your puppy.  Please let us know if your interests are in Conformation Show.

Other Services Offered by me (& my kids) :
Dog Sitting (Special pricing for previous clients,) & Dog food delivery.

Please feel free to contact us anytime!
Shiela Thomas
PO Box 545
Orting, Wa 98360
email :
phone (360) 893-8100
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Upcoming/Planned Litters:

Blaze X Bells
Due Aug 2015

Pete X Leesi
Due Sept 2015

Upcoming litters:

Apricot litter Winter '15
Brown, Black & Blue litter late 2015-early 2016

2015  Prices are $1
800-$2500 for our puppies.   
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Here is a Brown "Jake" puppy!
Coplar Creek Standard Poodle Puppies
"Each day that passes by I gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the incredible Standard Poodle." -Shiela Thomas
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