We have been working for many years with other exceptional breeders to produce AKC show quality apricot poodles. This
is not an easy task because so many apricot and red breeders focus on color instead of correct conformation, structure
and temperament.  Our first breeding Standard Poodle was a small red girl named Lucy and we've learned a tremendous
amount about proper breeding since that time over 12 years ago.  

We are very proud of Kandice & Kerry Mitchell who finished our co-bred apricot stud "Hoss" in AKC breed (mostly owner
handled.) This isn't easy because many AKC judges do not care for the apricot color.  Hoss is now well on his way to
achieving his AKC Grand Championship in conformation.  It's because of breeders like Kandice and Kerry that we can
achieve our goals of improving diversity and conformation in the apricot color. It's very difficult to do it on your own.

We are also very impressed with Davie Kindell who has done an amazing job getting hunt titles on "Buck" pictured on this
page retrieving birds. Buck was bred by us and his littermate Winnie has produced some incredible puppies.  Buck &
Davie are currently involved in high levels of hunt trials and they are changing long standing opinions of judges and
spectators that don't respect the poodle competing in hunt trials.  Davie gets huge compliments from judges about Buck's
abilities.  Buck's litter is pictured below with Fall leaves.  Davie is a hero to me in many ways!  I love you Davie!

We carefully plan our apricot litters with health, temperament and conformation in mind & only breed occasionally to
achieve specific goals.  Please contact us to place a deposit on our next apricot litter.  Our apricot pedigree is very unique
and we have had some very desirable genetic diversity in our pedigrees with results from UC Davis & Betterbred.  The
temperament with our apricot poodles is absolutely phenomenal. Some red/apricot poodles can be timid and fearful but
that's not been the case with our poodles.