Puppy Applicant Information Form:

Please Copy/Paste and complete and return to:
Shiela Thomas
PO Box 545
Orting, WA 98360

Date of Application: ______________________________________________

Name: _________________________________________________________



Telephone (H): _______________________(W):_______________________

Most convenient time and number to call:_______________________________

Email Address:___________________________________________________

Other Contact Info:________________________________________________


How did you find us?_____________________________________________
In the case you decide to purchase a puppy the deposit will be $350
Do you agree to this?   Yes    No
Does everyone in your household want a dog?    Yes   No
Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs?  Yes   No
Male      Female     Either
Pet/Companion            Show/Companion    
Do you have a color preference ?  Yes   No
Be aware we cannot guarantee the color of any of our puppies.
If so which Color?  _______________ Any other Preferences?: ___________________________
Have you ever owned an Standard Poodle before? If yes please tell us about your Standard Poodle:


Have you owned other dogs before?  If yes, please tell about your dog:
Do you consider yourself experienced with dogs?

Are you interesting in doing any of the following with your  SP–  check all that apply
_____ Conformation (dog shows)
_____ Obedience
_____ Agility
_____ Lure coursing
_____ Herding
_____ Tracking

What are you looking for in a dog?  Check all that apply
_____ House companion
_____ Children’s Pet
_____ Watchdog
_____ Hunting dog
_____ Show/Performance dog
_____ Therapy Dog
_____ Running/Jogging companion
_____ Travel companion
Children?  How many and ages? _______________________________________
Do you have any other pets?_________________________________________________
Do you rent or own your home?    Rent   Own
If you rent, do you have landlord’s permission to have a dog on the premises?  Yes   No
Will the dog be left alone?  Yes   No   If yes for how long?_______________________
Where will the dog be kept during the day? _________________________________
Do you have a fenced yard?   If no, could you install a fence? _____________________
Who will have primary responsibility for the dog in your household? _______________
Early and extensive socialization is key in the development of a well balanced and happy SP puppy.  We require in our contract
that you and you participate in 2 obedience classes with your puppy.  Are you willing to commit to that time and effort?  Yes    
No    Maybe
We suggest minimum of 3 new people and 3 new places per week for the first 12 weeks you have the puppy.  Are you willing
to commit to that time and effort?  Yes    No    Maybe
What other breeds have you considered?____________________________________
What kind of behavior do you expect from an adult SP?_______________________
Are you aware of the negative qualities of the  breed and are you aware that this may not be the best breed choice for
everyone  ie. Grooming requirements?  Yes     No
All puppies sold by Coplar Creek Standard Poodles are sold with a legally binding ownership contract.  Contracts will be
provided in advance and discussed in detail.  Are you willing to sign a contract?   Yes    No
All pet/companion animals are sold with a spay/neuter clause in the contract.   Are you considering breeding your SP?    
Yes     No

Other comments:


1- Your new puppy is guaranteed to be free of serious and life threatening genetic defects for 4 (four) years from dog's date of birth. If there were to be an issue health findings
must be submitted to seller by a DVM via written statement. Seller reserves the right to have the dog examined by a DVM of their own choosing. This guarantee is for
replacement of dog/pup of approximately equal value. This guarantee is for serious genetic health defects that can be tested for and does not include health issues that could
be caused by environmental conditions, poor care or that are easily treated.
Absolutely NO FULL CASH REFUNDS and NO veterinary costs will be refunded to buyer.
2 - The purchased dog/pup will have a "good disposition" meaning, the dog will be teachable, bondable, free of excess timidity, free of excess aggression, is not dangerous in
nature, as befits the breed. A protective attitude is acceptable and does not necessarily indicate a dangerous nature.  If puppy has been sold as a Service Dog and does not
pass the seller will replace puppy or help place the puppy but not refund any training costs/expenses.  
No full cash refunds...guarantee is for replacement dog of equal value if deemed necessary.
3 - Immunizations and worming will be age appropriate and up to date and health record will be provided to accompany new dog/pup.
The following common conditions do not necessarily constitute an unhealthy dog and are easily treated:  Yeasts in the ears, Weeping eyes, Transient diarrhea and digestive
upset, or easily treatable fecal parasites.
4 - Consult with SHIELA THOMAS, IF ANY OF THESE ABOVE CONDITIONS SHOULD OCCUR or if you have ANY serious concerns about anything including health issues,
training, bonding, feeding, exercising, etc. Pertaining to your new pet!
5 - Failure to contact Shiela Thomas and follow her nutrition guidelines (posted on her website) and training guidelines makes this contract null and void.  
6-  If at any time this animal is to be sold, given away, destroyed or otherwise disposed of or if the Buyer no longer wishes to keep this dog for any reason whatsoever, buyer
shall first notify Seller of intent to take such actions. If the Buyer no longer wishes to keep this Dog for any reason the buyer agrees that the dog will immediately be returned to
the Seller who will reclaim the Dog. IF the dog is returned before 9 months of age the Seller may choose to buy back the animal for a fair price. Alternately, the Seller may elect
to assist in placing the poodle in a new home. The Seller will NOT provide a refund after 9 months of age. Under no circumstances is the buyer to sell or re-home the dog without
giving Seller notification and opportunity to reclaim the dog. Any shipping expenses to return the dog to the Seller will be at the expense of the Buyer. If the Buyer is found to
have relinquished possession of the dog without providing written notification to the Seller and obtaining written permission from the Seller to transfer ownership of the dog to
another party the buyer agrees to pay a sum of full original purchase price of the dog as a penalty for Breech  of Contract.
7-Seller guarantees the Dog is in good health when delivered to Buyer.  If the Buyer is not satisfied with the condition of the poodle for any reason, the Dog may be returned at
Buyers expense to the Seller within three days of taking possession of the dog and this agreement shall be voided. The full amount of purchase price less any additional
expenses incurred by the Seller by return of the Dog, including shipping, will be refunded to the Buyer. If the Buyer decides to retain possession of the animal the seller shall not
be liable for the cost of veterinary treatment to any extent or for any future medical conditions. If the Dog is returned to Seller all documentation regarding the Dog must also be
returned to the Seller before full refund of purchase price will be made.
8- We do not guarantee color or size of any of our puppies as adults.  All we can offer is an educated guess.  
9 - Seller reserves the right to do a home inspection if there is just cause to believe the dog is not in a safe or inhumane situation OR if the seller suspects the dog is being bred
without permission OR if payment has not been made in full for the dog per written agreement.  The seller may bring an agent to do this inspection and may choose to reclaim
the dog if any of these situations apply.  If the said dog has been bred without written permission a fine of $5,000 per litter will apply.  If an accidental breeding takes place and
you contact Seller immediately and implicitly follow her instructions the fine may be waved. Absolutely no DOODLE breeding is acceptable in any situation.
10- We cannot guarantee the Oral Health of your poodle as most of that depends on you.  Be sure to give plenty of dental chews and safe chew toys.  Brush your dogs teeth
regularly and visit the Veterinarian for annual check ups and/or cleaning.  The better you take care of oral the health on your poodle the longer your poodle will live.  You can
add 3-5 years to the life of your pet with proper dental care.  

Required of Buyer
1-Buyer agrees to enroll Dog in two obedience classes of at least eight weeks duration when the Dog is between the ages of four and twelve months of age.
Seller recommends you do more than two obedience/training courses but only two are required.  These classes are to be conducted by a qualified
professional  instructor. Buyer is to attend classes with the Dog and to follow the training procedures as set forth by instructor.
2-Completely immunize puppy and complete vet check -ups and immunizations on a yearly basis.
3-Buyer agrees that dog will be a HOUSE DOG and will treat animal humanely and buyer will take proper care of grooming and nutrition (please see nutrition information
provided on this website.)
4-Buyer agrees to contact seller if dog is to be sold, given away or disposed of in
any way. Seller reserves the right of first refusal first to reclaim the dog.
5-Buyer agrees to notify seller of ANY problems with health or disposition of dog,
immediately, in order to help problem solve.
6-I request all puppies purchased from Coplar Creek to be micro-chipped and have "Shiela Thomas" and her contact information added the the mircochip registration.  This is
only for the safety  and well being of your dog, for example, if you are on vacation, ill or can't be reached for any reason I will be on the contact list to help keep your dog safe
until you can be reached.
7-Buyer will spay or neuter dog within a reasonable time.  Exception may be made to this rule but must be agreed upon in advance to purchase.
8-Buyer will not excessively exercise their new puppy and will wait until the puppy is full grown to jog or hike with puppy.

Required of the Seller
1- AKC registration papers or transfer of ownership in a timely manner.
2- Immunizations and worming up to date and record of dates and any medical
3- Access to seller via phone or email or postal service at any time during the
lifetime of said dog.
4- Invitation upon request, to visit seller's Kennel, view dogs and their environment.
Please call for an appointment to visit.
6- If circumstances should force the sale or re-homing of said dog seller would like
first option to take back, but not required to do so. If Seller opts to assist in placing to dog
she will return to the original buyer the monetary amount received for the new placement.  
Seller will help find a suitable home for
dog if buyer is unable, due to illness, death, or extenuating circumstances.  
7- Concern and interest that lasts for the lifetime of the dog.